UNI is an open-air reading room developed for local nonprofit Boston Street Lab with the ambition to create a mobile, reconfigurable, public institution in the city. The structure, made up of repetitive units that aggregate to form seating and tables is designed to be deployed in various urban environments that do not have access to amenities of traditional institutions like libraries and community centers. In its closed configuration, the UNI appears like a large quilled room. During the day, the UNI is set up in one of various configurations for reading, workshops, lectures, etc. and the quills become the seating, podium and table elements. The fabrication of the UNI involves a framework of cubelike shelves as well as a series of roto-molded 'quills.' The UNI will open in Brooklyn in the summer of 2011.
Public Space
New York, NY
United States
Boston Street Lab