RISD Loose Fill
Loose Fill is a temporary armature for exhibition as well as an inhabitable environment that recreates the playful spaces of the architecture being displayed. Rather than coat the white walls of the gallery with the objects of display, the installation becomes a tangible, three-dimensional representation of the architectural ideas. Finding generative potential in compression, the installation is constrained to the slim zone between three existing columns.
An 18" wide frame- the width of the columns--creates multiple cells of irregular geometry that are then 'packed' with content. Employing CNC technology, the MDF frame pieces were prefabricated off-site and quickly fitted together to create a web of intersecting lines. The frame essentially becomes an inhabitable section. Loops fabricated from polypropylene are inserted into the cells such that their flexible forms determine an unpredictable "packed" geometry. Highlighting their material properties, images and text are placed behind the select Loops so that visitors have a tangible understanding of the project.
Providence, RI
United States