Rights of Way Exhibition
Rights of Way is an exhibition on urban mobility curated by Milligram Office. It focuses especially on the various ways that designers, architects, policy makers and individual citizens contribute to the ongoing project of the city, through an active engagement with our shared spaces of movement. The exhibition includes Urban Futures, AUFI 2012 with projects on the future of urban mobility in the year 2030, Test Sites, examining contemporary mobility projects as realized in cities around the world, Mobility Practices, a survey of uses and missuses of urban spaces of movement, and the Megalopolis Timeline produced by the Columbia GSAPP Extreme Cities Project. Hosted by the Boston Society of Architects, the exhibition is on view at the BSA Space gallery in downtown Boston until March 2014. Photographs by Adam Drobiec / Audi Urban Future Initiative and Thaddeus Jusczyk.
Boston, MA
Boston Society of Architects