Möbius Dress
The Möbius Dress project challenges clothing's absolute adherence to conventions of interiority and exteriority. It proposes an inherently inside-out and outside-in garment. Often cited as a symbol of infinity and topologically fascinating for mathematicians and architects, the Möbius strip has one continuous surface and one continuous edge.
Applied to the body, the spatial loop creates the appearance of two intertwining bands of fabric that meet at points around the hips and torso. This illusion is foiled as viewers realize that the dress is merely one continuous loop designed to turn inside out as it is constructed. Because the Möbius strip is one-sided, one-edged and has no fixed orientation, the material used for the dress also has no hierarchy, no warp and no weft. Structured only by the body, it twists and turns to form a continuously evolving surface as it unravels. Unwinding and intertwining to form a perpetually changing surface in relation to the body, the Möbius Dress is worn to be unworn.
Concept Clothing