Sound Grove / Light Stream is an interactive public sidewalk and lobby renovation project that activates the sidewalk and engages the public by transforming light into an interactive medium from the sidewalk through the lobby of 1110 Vermont Avenue. Organized as a field of pixels/dots which brighten when activated, these interactive light zones are used in different orientations within the project, creating a dynamic display of light that can contain both information as well as register movement. On the south corner of the sidewalk, a field of LEDs in the sky, create a 3-dimensional marker visible from the street corner. This 'grove' of interactive pin lights provides illumination at night and sound during the day. Each of the 4 segments on the individual 20 poles that form the grove, emit a unique tone when activated by a person that is audible from within the grove. As multiple people occupy the grove, an unpredictable choreography of tones makes music within the grove zone.
Public Space
Washington, DC
United States
1110 Vermont