Loop Chairs
Contoured by the body and conceived as a single undulating plane that closes upon itself, the Loop chairs form a series of variable sitting and lying surfaces. By folding upon itself, the Loop chair doubles its usable surface and produces an 'interior' chair as well as an exterior. The outer profile supports the sitter while the inner profile contains a secondary space for inhabitation.
The Loop chairs are made of polypropylene sheets that are heat-formed over wooden molds. The profiles are plastic-welded together to form a closed loop of a single homogeneous material. Polypropylene has an inherent ductility and extremely high resistance to fatigue. The chairs deflect to accommodate the weight of the body and conform precisely to its shape. Furthermore, their ductility allows them to behave as a kind of flexing rocking chair. The translucent quality of the material conveys a sense of lightness and delicacy. This material quality, coupled with the open profile of the loop design, makes sitting in a loop chair feel almost like floating on air.
Furniture Design
Boston, MA