This proposal for the PS1 courtyard interprets the program of the "urban beach" as an immersive condition. LOOP presents a 'loose fill' of architectural form, allowing simultaneously for complete porosity and total coverage. In packing the single continuous space of the courtyard with a network of smaller spaces, LOOP encourages and defines the formation of discreet activity groupings that occur spontaneously during the Summer Warm-Up event, for which it is designed. The closely packed geometries house the closely packed activities- forming an infrastructure for fun. Part landscape, part infrastructure, LOOP is a pliable latticework, a jungle gym for adults and children, containing and supplying a number of interactive activity clusters. Its various spaces are wet, bubbly, and bouncy: wading pools, waterfalls, bubble jets, a foam chamber, and a giant trampoline. Proposing an architecture that is more than an object for aesthetic contemplation, LOOP aspires to be a completely immersive social environment. It seeks to create an atmospheric thickening of the ground plane, providing a field for the unpredictable unfolding of social exchange.
Public Space
New York, NY
United States