The exhibition design was conceived as an instrument of display for the inaugural show at the Center For Architecture in New York City. The exhibition was conceived as a floating luminescent band which would hover to redefine the space of the gallery. The apparatus had to function as both a lighting and display system. Utilizing the weight of the florescent tube to counter balance the film on which the exhibition context was printed. The display seeks to minimize its own presence in order to highlight its content by backlighting the film and front lighting the battered foundation walls.
Exposed fluorescent bulbs and chemistry lab clamps form an armature of support, allowing the careful calibration and balancing of the bulbs and film. Each component is integral to the adjustability and fine tuning of the system. The design challenge was to bring these prefabricated hardware components together in as seamless, elegant and functional manner to make a custom apparatus for display.
New York, NY
United States
Center for Architecture NY