Boston City Hall 2.0
Originally designed to be porous and accessible to the public, Boston City Hall today stands monumental and impenetrable. Focused on issues of public space and accessibility, our open menu of design proposals includes strategies that outfit City Hall with public interfaces at a range of scales. Taken a few at a time or in combination, these strategies recast the existing City Hall by intertwining its structure with the city. Extending the original vision of City Hall as a robust scaffold for urban life, two possible combinations—Sleeve and Wrap--seek to upgrade the structure to engage contemporary public life.
Wrap proposes a new ground plane that rises up to mask the existing structure; this second skin accommodates new programs on the plaza and creates public access along a landscape ramp. Sleeve plugs the existing “hood” and courtyard openings with a linear public path that weaves through the existing structure, provides a more transparent frontage along Congress St, and culminates in a viewing gallery overlooking Faneuil Hall.

Boston MA
United States
Architecture Boston